Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inspiration Sunday!

It's Inspiration Sunday! I get to post pics of the cakes that I think are awesome and that inspire me and the kinds of cakes I wish people would ask me to do! Here are some of my favorites!

Let's start out with an awesome Peacock Cake:

Okay, now...come on! How awesome is this next one!

Oh my gosh, and I can't believe this is even cake! Doesn't this sea turtle look so real!?!?

Okay, now...this has got to be the cutest, most awesome-est, most adorable gingerbread house EVER!

Boxing Fan?


Neverending Storrrrrrryyyyyyyy!

I run across other cakes on other cake blogs and websites that I follow. Most of these I ran across on cakewrecks.

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  1. Those are some pretty awesome cakes. Especially the peacock cake... I LOVE that!


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