Thursday, March 10, 2011

Award Winning Peanut Butter Pie! I just had to try!

(First I apologize for the cell phone pics. My camera died, and this is all I have for now.)

Okay, so...

I had never made a Peanut Butter Pie before. I really haven't made very many pies in general. I really loved my Apple Pie experience and have been branching out into pies ever since. Since I love Peanut Butter, I wanted to have my own wonderful Peanut Butter Pie I could add to my baking must-haves and share with my family and friends as a new tradition. So, I was on a mission. It could also be that I'm currently on my "must look good in my swimsuit this summer" program and won't eat things like this. It makes me just bake more and to have my family enjoy for me!

Anyway, back to business. So, I was on the search. I wanted to find a super fabulous to-die-for Peanut Butter Pie recipe that makes everyone request you bring it to every function and beg you for the recipe. After reviewing several Peanut Butter Pie recipes, I wasn't feeling them. Then, I finally stumbled on what sounded like the close to perfect (just needed some Sarah-fied adjustments) Peanut Butter Pie recipe! It was the 2009 winner of Best In Show in the National Pie Competition. An award winning Peanut Butter Pie? I just had to try!

This pie has an awesome cookie crust, with 2 different peanut butter layers. It's very smooth and has the best peanut butter flavor. I loved what I did with the crust so much, that I plan on using this crust as my go-to crust for other cream pies from now on!

So, after adding my own personal (secret) fabulous is my awesome version of this award winning masterpiece! Too bad you can't lick the screen!

(This pie was pretty darn perfect the way it was. However, I am more of a "less is more" person and don't always necessarily need the super-rich additions to great flavors that are strong on their own. With that said, I would like to try this pie without the Peanut Butter Cups. I think it will be just as awesome, maybe even better without. In the future, I also may reduce the whipped cream. I don't think it needs as much.) I also loved this pie so much and am confident everyone else will too, that I am willing to make one for free for any of my friends who ask me! It's THAT good. Just ask and provide me with your favorite 9 inch baking pie dish and I will return it to you filled with this awesome goodness!


  1. Ooooh this looks yummy! I am actually making a healthy sugar free peanut butter pie this weekend. I have been holding onto a recipe that I wanted to work with until I could share it with someone, and family is all coming over Sunday for dinner. Yay!! I'll be posting some pics and the recipe next week (not that you would want a healthy version, but its gonna be yummy!!)

  2. You know, I actually thought of you while I was making this and was going to tell you that this recipe very much could easily be turned into a healthy Laura-fied version. The ingredients were very natural (besides the peanut butter cups which I plan on omitting in the future anyway) and contained no flour and no oils and the actually small amount of sugar it does contain can easily be changed into a sugar alchohol or whatever sugar substitute preferred. Sounds like you beat me to it! I can't wait to see how yours turns out!


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