Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Darth Vader Cake (that killed my camera)

It was hard for me to get a distinguishable picture of this cake. I had to troubleshoot and fidget with my (almost 8 year old) camera and find a setting that would actually produce a viewable picture. I got a couple in before my camera finally died on those settings too. So, this is all I got. Sorry it's not very good, but it was the best out of the bunch. This was a half Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream and half Butter Yellow with Golden Oreo Cookies and Cream Buttercream. Hand carved and sculpted free-hand, covered in an extra thick layer of Vanilla Buttercream for extra yumminess, and then wrapped in Black Vanilla Fondant. Though the pictures do not show it very well, it was sprayed with an edible food lacquer to mimic that ultra glossiness and shiny of the real Darth Vader and the screws and details of his mouth piece thingy (I am not well versed in Star Wars, so I do not know the correct terminology) were painted in silver (which you can't really tell that either in this pic) So, may the force be with me on the next cake. Hopefully, I will have a new camera or at least a substitute that can get me by.

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