Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Pirate Cake!

Little 4th Birthday Pirate Cake!

Cake by Sarah Jane Bowman

This turned out to be one of my faves!  It just kept getting more and more fun as I was making all the little things.  When I first got the order and the client sent me a couple of example pics of what she was looking for, it was like, "ho hum, yeah yeah, pirate cake, that's what you want?  Okay.  Easy Peasy.  Nothing crazy.  No moving parts or anything.  Not quite EXACTLY sure what I'm gonna do about that chain, but I'm sure I'll figure it problem...I'll get you an awesome little pirate cake"

  Then, as I was in the midst of execution, it just got more and more exciting!  The chain was only a small bit of a nightmare.  You cake peeps know what I mean.  Fondant chain, draping on a cake, plus gravity equals a little bit of finesse and magic, but I finally got it going my way. 

One of best parts of this assignment, was the fact that I did this cake for a professional photographer and ended up getting a real professional pic of one of my cakes!  Instead of the usual point and shoot crappy pics I always take of them on my kitchen counter.  We both got to combine our artist's talents to produce this happy little masterpiece.  I thought we made a great little team!  Thank you Kristi Hollowell Photography!  Love you!  Kristi is an amazing children and family portrait photographer.  Go visit her site here! 

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