Sunday, March 18, 2012

Little Minnie Mouse Princess Cake

Cute Little Minnie Mouse theme cake for a cute little 3 year old!  Awwww, how fun it is to get to make a little tiara!

Okay, so...
I know I'm supposed to be on a break, or cake retirement, or whatever.  And, I was!  And, it was nice!  I only did a couple of cakes over the past year for family, and it was really nice to have the rest of that time to enjoy spending it with my Goo and Husby and not so busy with cakes every weekend.  But, you know how it goes...  someone asks you for one, and for some reason you can't really say no, and it's been a while and I kinda missed it a little, so I took a little break from my break to do this cute little one for a friend. 

The only thing I wished I would have done different.... GREEN!  Her birthday is ON St. Patricks Day. Everyone at the party was dressed in green! Even thought I knew this, I never really thought about it beforehand and put the two together until the party.  Then, I realized how cute it would have been had we changed the pink to green!  The green, black, white and silver would have been cute!  A little St. Patrick's Day version!  I hate when I miss a fun, different, and creative opportunity like that!  Dangit!

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