Sunday, January 1, 2012

Okay, So... Sorry, But I Just Couldn't Say No To This One! WARNING! DON'T LOOK!

Warning!  Don't Look!  Warning!  Don't Look!  Warning!  Don't Look!

A "Dirty Thirty" Naughty Birthday Cake:

Okay, so I know I was technically supposed to be on a cake hiatus and all....  But, I just couldn't resist.  A friend asked me for a "naughty cake" and I had to take it.  I always wanted to do a cute little cheeky naughty cake, but the opportunity had never presented itself before.  So, when she asked, I immediately agreed to do it and took a break from my cake break to do this one. 

To be quite honest, this wasn't immediately what popped into my head when I first thought of what kind of naughty cakes we could do.  I had something a little different in mind when she first asked me, but this is what she had picked out and asked for.  I was actually a little bummed at first. I was kinda looking forward to doing just a cute "pair of boobs cake" or maybe a even a "butt cake", but after it was all done I was so glad this was what I got to do.  It was way more fun!  It's a bummer that I'm not a photographer or don't even own a nice camera.  The little details on this cake are what really made it so cute to me.  Her little toes and fingers on her little hands and feet.  Many people who sculpt figures out of fondant or gumpaste always get the porportions of the limbs and digits and neck and stuff so totally off.  It really kind of drives me crazy. So, I make sure to get them all so cute and perfect.  Even her little nails were painted.  It was just too bad they were all kind of hidden by all the bubbles.  You really had to get down and look at the cake and check out everything to get to see all these little details.  Her little figure was quite cute.  I almost wish she wasn't in the bathtub!  Plus, you can't tell by the pics, but the bubbles were shimmery.  They were all painted with shimmer dust and it just gave them that added special-ness that I couldn't convey with my poopy photog skills.  The client had requested the color scheme to accomodate the cake recipient and I love how well her being a red-head complimented the Mexico flag style colors she had asked for.  It all tied in perfect.  Such a fun little cake to do.  I was glad that I agreed to do it.  (Oh, and don't forget you can click on the pics to zoom in and make them bigger)

Now, back to my cake break!  Maybe I could use this time to improve on my photography skills!  ;)

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